It’s not surprising that a number of (female) 19th century murder victims were killed with a half-knit stocking on hand. Because knitting stockings was a never-ending task for many and it would be akin to being killed today with a mobile phone on you.

Last night we made a hasty video to promo the book for an upcoming wool show (details to follow next week). I will be showcasing nineteenth century stocking knitting, with a knitting stick and full paraphernalia, in a live stream. But filming Dave pretending to be a murderer seemed more fun than a close up of my hands knitting.

We’re about to record a podcast about this particular murderer and you can find his victim’s story in ‘Their Darkest Materials’.

It’s a classic Victorian melodrama of shenanigans in Hull with a “naughty lady” (as the press then called her), and betrayal, spite and revenge on a terrifying scale. And the key piece of evidence that sends the apparently mild-mannered murderer to the gallows – a half-knitted stocking.

Will link to our new podcast here when it’s up. We have found some new material since the book was published and will have the time and space in a podcast to delve into the dark side of material culture, in more depth. The world is full of true crime podcasts but there aren’t so many that concentrate on historical crimes, or that use first hand research in primary sources, as we aim to.

If you’d like to read more about the dark intersection between textiles and history… Stop him and buy one. If you dare.